“Inspir-action-al” Whisperers

“Inspir-action-al” is a word I coined to mean inspired action. So many times we are inspired by music, motivational speakers, the actions of a hero or scenes and events in Nature. It is important to inspire and be inspired, but occasionally, you want the inspiration to lead to a result. You want to fulfill a promise, achieve a goal and improve circumstances. We seek inspiration in many ways.  We want it in our leaders and from those who are close to us. We can also find inspiration in words. I look at the word HABIT and see an acronym, Has Any One Been Inspired Today. This reminds me of my role in touching the lives of others, so that every day is filled with interactions that purposefully lift people’s spirits.

 A whisperer is someone who whispers or has the ability to connect. Cesar is the host of the popular cable television show Dog Whisperer. This show portrays his uncanny ability to relate to dogs. Jennifer Love-Hewitt is the star of the television program Ghost Whisperer where her character has the ability to speak to ghosts. These spirits have unresolved issues which prevent them from moving on to the afterlife. The whisperer concept has many listings on the Internet, from the movie Horse Whisperers with Robert Redford to cat, sales, success and others who profess an expertise in a given area. 

An Inspiractional Whisperer is therefore someone with insight and expertise in inspiring and motivating people to act and reach a positive result. They are an inspiractional leader, communicator and motivator who channel their gift to elevate performance. In the preface of my book Teach the children to dance are these words. “We are gifted by our Creator with talents and abilities, which make us unique. We are charged with the mission of discovering and cultivating these seeds that God has placed in us.” We are all whisperers in a chosen arena. 

The Inspiractional Whisperer uses their talents to illuminate the lives of others. Their approach may contain several of the steps below. 

  1. Inspire
  2. Instruct
  3. Inquire
  4. Inspect 


The Inspiractional Whisperer uplifts your spirits and encourages you and your abilities. They realize that deep inside of you is a boundless treasure trove of unlimited potential. You are God’s child, a child of the universe whose body is a modern marvel, a miracle that defies scientific interpretation. The body is being studied constantly for its ability to heal itself. Scientists are hoping to uncover the secrets contained within our amazing bodies. The answers are within us, waiting for our readiness to conceive, believe, and achieve the discovery. Inspiractional  Whisperers will push you beyond normal levels of exertion because excellence demands more that the average input to gain an above average output. 


There are a series of steps in the procedures to reach your goals. There is the SMART method of goal setting. This method states that each goal must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. The road to success in your industry has a proven path that leads you to a level of expertise and excellence required to be the best. You will be led to interview successful people and research historical and present day practices to create your own innovative signature of excellence. 

The Inspiractional Whisperer is a master to the apprentice seeking guidance and mentoring. They are the coach with the right approach, able to transfuse knowledge based on years of experience and observation. They instruct their students to ultimately think on a higher plane.


A learner must be able to ask questions of the master. The environment and the relationship between pupil and professor should be such that inquiry occurs without intimidation. It is appropriate for the teacher to ask questions to verify comprehension and retention of the information examined and experienced. This is done by asking questions and requesting an example to prove they understand. This reminds me of the teacher who asked you the meaning of a word and then to use it in a sentence. Gathering and giving feedback is a natural part of inquiry.  


The timeless phrase of “Inspect what you expect,” ensures that you are evaluating execution of plans, programs, processes and principles to validate expectations. The farmer who plants the field watches over it to see it grow according to plan. The crops are fertilized, irrigated, soil samples taken and visually inspected to monitor the right result. The Inspiractional Whisperers gives the kind of attention required to demonstrate their caring and developmental skills.

The Inspiractional Whisperer deals in possibilities. They frequently reside in The “O” Zone as they strive to move people from the ordinary to outstanding performances.  The “O” Zone is the zone of opportunity where you gain the insight to inspire, instruct, inquire and inspect.

The Inspiractional Whisperer is my moniker, what is yours? Where are you acquiring the necessary skills to whisper as you speak to your passion?

Copyright © 2010 Orlando Ceaser

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