I am a veteran of over 30 years in the business world. I have watched and assisted in the growth of great leaders, who played major roles in influencing their constituents, colleagues and communities. I had a strong career in sales, marketing, training, leadership, diversity, work life effectiveness and personal development. As a poet, my perspective was enhanced by the powers of observation and listening. I am committed to developing, inspiring and motivating great leaders: to fulfill their purpose and release the transformative power of their potential.

The O is the perfect symbol. It is called a circle, sphere or a zero. The wheel is based on this design. It is the 15th letter of the alphabet, a blood type and an opening to adventure. The Ozone layer of the atmosphere, surrounds the Earth and filters sunlight to protect us from the deadly effect of direct exposure to ultraviolet rays.

The “O” Zone is my arena to discuss observations, opportunities, obstacles, obligations and options on the journey from ordinary to outstanding.

3 thoughts on “Objective

  1. Orlando,
    I love your essay on Motherhood and Leadership. What great insight into how your mother lead by example. I am delighted to see that you are sharing your valuable learnings so others may benefit.
    All the best,


  2. You never cease to amaze me! Good luck with your new venture The “O” Zone. ( I still like the O-Zone Lair)


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