Managing negative people who undermine you? Block the impact of the Hindre™

The Hindre™ is a person or group committed to blunt your growth and development. They take it personally when you are driving and advancing in your schooling, career, and relationships. The Hindre™ takes its name from its ability to hinder your progress and work against your positive performance with negative roadblocks. They may be silent and work in secrecy. They may work in the background or out in the open, undermining you at every turn. The Hindre™ may also be referred to as the Ninja of Negativity.

The Hindre™ may be a family member, alleged friend, stranger, supervisor, or coworker. They are dedicated to suppressing your success and compromising your confidence and competence. The Hindre™ is the employee who sabotages the work of the team. They do not put their own weight on projects and may be responsible for other members leaving the company. They take the fun out of work. The Hindre™ may be the boss who does not give proper feedback and is constantly working against you.

The Hindre™ will befriend you and plant seeds of doubt through words, to shake your confidence. They will say things like, do you really think you can do that? I don’t think that is the right field for you. They may be brazen enough to ridicule by saying such things as you will never amount to anything, you are not good. They may go you by use of force and name-calling, to put you in your place, they prepared and designed for you.

The Hindre™ could be personal. The tendencies may be embedded deep in you. You may not believe deserve success and think you are unworthy. The years of persistent misinformation, ridicule, name-calling, and badgering convinced you that you are less than everyone.

We must work to identify the existence and presence of the Hindre™. We must apply the international symbol to indicate that the Hindre™ is not allowed. Their presence is unwanted and unwarranted. Their jealousy and envy, fueled by competition and insecurity, may explain their resistance and disapproval of your performance. However, it may be more insidious, such as prejudice, bigotry, and hatred.

The Hindre™ may be a negative person, a silent enemy, or a malicious perpetrator. Look in the mirror and search your soul. Are you a Hindre™? Do you know a Hindre™? How will you respond when you identify someone as a Hindre™. Be careful in their presence and align yourself with people who support you and work for your goodness and success. Be kind and caring to all people, work to connect, cooperate, and coordinate positive behavior, for the sake of progress. Do not let the Hindre™ impair your growth, as you develop a positive pursuit of love and excellence.

Copyright © 2022 Orlando Ceaser


2 thoughts on “Managing negative people who undermine you? Block the impact of the Hindre™

  1. Hey Orlando, I can name a few in my past career that fall into the “Hindre” category.  My former boss called me after I left the company to start my own business with a partner who had worked for the same company. I never figured out why he called except to satisfy his curiosity. Maybe he was looking for a job…I can’t tell you. I treated him cordially is about all I can say.  And, I never heard from him again.  Then there’s my partner. He was what I would tag as a “Negative Hindre”.  He continually complained about everything. We’d go to lunch and he’d complain about the decor, the temperature of the dining area or the food was not up to his liking.  He was valuable to the success of our company. When I bought him out, he wanted to get together for lunch every couple of months.  I finally turned him down…never to be seen or heard from again. I really like being around people like yourself, Orlando, that are uplifting and see life through a happy lens.  Ola is pleasant to be around for the same reason.  I don’t think you can ignore people who smile when they talk.  Joanne has a daughter who has that trait. I can’t concentrate long enough to keep doing it.  In other words, it isn’t natural. Thanks for offering to help Ola. I’m sure he appreciates it. One thing that concerns me is that we don’t overdo it and wind up enabling him. He gives a lot of credit to the Lord and he should, but don’t you think God wants him to be more aggressive?You tell me, Orlando, am I being too critical?  See you in church. Gary  


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