“Be DUMB about it”

Chanting is a practice used by many people to meditate or as a form of self-talk. It is used individually or as a group activity to motivate self and others. I will expound on how it is incorporated pep rallies, sporting events and business meetings. Chanting can also be used as a routine part of personal conversations, individual cheering sections, and an internal audience of standing ovations. With cell phones and Blue tooth technology it is acceptable to see people talking out loud, to themselves or other people.

Chanting is all around us. Sporting events, political campaigns, musical performances are just a few of the instances where it is acceptable to chant as a means of participation. Chanting has gone main stream as an acceptable pastime. Chants may be personal phrases with a rhythmic beat that allow the chanter to concentrate on their intentions, or single words repeated over and over again.

We will focus on a chant with the word dumb as the centerpiece. Dumb is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “lacking the power of speech; temporarily speechless, as with fear or shock.”  We can use DUMB as a positive motivational mantra, by asking ourselves to “Be dumb about it.” 

DUMB is an acronym for driven, understanding, motivated and belief.

D    Driven

U    Understanding

M    Motivated

B    Belief


High achievers are driven by a desire to succeed. They push themselves and recruit others to push them to the next level of accomplishment. They exhibit self-discipline or “other oriented discipline”, whatever it takes, to get the job done. These individuals have a self talk that propels them to perform an activity or series of actions to reach the next rung on the ladder. They are caught up in the rhythm of the chant to do more. High achievers must be driven, so they can yell to themselves, “Be Dumb about it.”


Peak performers understand what they want, what it takes to accomplish it, and the barriers or forces that try to restrict their access to the goal. Knowledge of what they want is important. They are aware of the price they have to pay to reach their destination. Everyone wants to get ahead, but not everyone wants to sacrifice and deny themselves immediate pleasures.  Peak performers watch others enjoy life and do not mind delaying gratification to gain a greater prize.  It may be hard to save rather than spend or abstain rather than consume, but one day it will be worth it. They push themselves to “Be dumb about it.” 


M is the motivation needed to be forcibly focused to continue on the journey. Motivation is linked to purpose. Doing what they love is the ultimate stimulant.  Elite warriors have a passion in an area and are contributing value; there is a sense of satisfaction that radiates to others. They intend to better serve God, family, company, association, team, mankind and community, and are inspired to greater demonstrations of achievement. Motivation is internal and when tied to a purpose, tremendous results are attained. Elite warriors are present in every field. They use motivation as the catalyst to achievement.  Motivation allows them to act confidently as if to say, “I’m supposed to be doing this”, “I am living my dream,” I will “Be dumb about it.” 

Belief in Self

B is for belief in self, the confidence that grows with competence and reflects commitment to seek fulfillment. The Great athletes know they are worthy. They deserve the prize. They have the tools, aptitude and capacity to achieve whatever they desire. Great athletes have learned success from experiencing success. They know they can be taught and therefore they can learn. It is imperative to believe they can do it and they must “Be dumb about it.” 

In other words, while you are working on a project, pushing yourself to achieve a goal or preparing for various forms of competition, say to yourself, “I can do it, but I must be dumb about it; determined, understanding, motivated and believe that you have what it takes to excel.”

Copyright © 2010 Orlando Ceaser

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