3 Power Questions for Awesome Resolutions

We are super saturated with images of affluence, sensuality and success. Messages are bold and subliminal imploring us to strive for these alleged standards of excellence. Individuals our age or younger are portrayed as rich and beautiful. Some have amassed small fortunes or at least a comfortable living. We take issue with the distribution of rewards and resources. We squander some of our 60,000 thoughts per day wondering, “Why not me?” 

Our mental cup overflows with endless possibilities and scenarios where we are not featured as the lead actor or actress. Surely, we deserve it. After all, we have been told that we are unique. There is no one else like us. We are equally worthy if not more entitled to the finer things in life. We also, live in the United States of America which is the richest country on the planet and the land of opportunity. The question, Why not me? open our minds to the reality that outside of those born into wealth, we can create our own wealth and duplicate their success, but there is a catch. We must duplicate their sacrifice. This means to work hard, delay gratification and acquire the education, connections and mental resolve needed to succeed. It is imperative to create resolutions to guide your journey to self-improvement. 

Why not me? Can sometimes be answered, “Because you have not done what you know to be necessary to succeed.” We are reasonably intelligent people and the secrets of success lies in the biographies read, the lives of successful people featured in human interest news stories and the character traits revealed in the plots in movies about heroes. Many millionaires are first generation wealthy, which means their parents were not rich. Additionally, you must decide what is rich or wealthy to you. Some view wealth as money, while others view it as having friends and family who love and care for them. Some view it as a cause that provides value to others. Whatever, your definition of wealth, you can be wealthy by doing all of the above. 

It is important to honestly evaluate your performance or you will blame other’s success on factors beyond your control. You will give credit to luck, the lottery, genetics, political affiliation and marrying right. The proper perspective will cause you to ask the second power question in earnest, “What if I?

What if I, paid my dues, cultivated the profitable relationships, serviced the needs of others, unselfishly helped people to reach their dreams? What if I followed the directions and instructions of those who followed the right path? What if I, determined my purpose, realized my passion and developed the habits to aggressively pursue my dreams? I know it is critical to learn where and how to meet people and how to treat people. What if I spent 10,000 hours to grow my expertise as Malcolm Gladwell mentioned in his book, The Outliers?  I know what it takes to be a winner. What if I, performed the necessary actions and adopted the mental attitude, lived a life with faith and integrity, fortified with executing the proper strategies and tactics to promote my personal brand?

What if I did all these things, then I would progress boldly with my dreams in sight. You will design resolutions that are more than annual events in futility. You would stand steadfast on the road, knowing that success was assured and ask yourself, the third power question, What else?  

What else? is the trigger phrase. What else is required of you to relieve suffering and make this world a better place? What else can you do to be the best in every key role that you play? What else can you do to give back to your community and help others along the way? What else? is the question that stimulates the mind to look for more, to innovate, to create, to search for new solutions to today problems and the challenges of tomorrow. What else? is also the question to demonstrate the confidence gained during your journey. You may ask the world in a moment of frustration, “What else do you want from me?” You may inquire of your Creator, “What else will you throw at me to test my abilities to fulfill my purpose and my destiny? 

These three power questions in combination form a formidable personal challenge to compel you to a year of powerful resolutions. A resolution can start a revolution, especially if the execution unleashes contributions to improve people and the environment.  

Copyright © 2011 Orlando Ceaser

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