The “HIT” List For Personal Growth (Hobbies, Interest, and Talents)

It may be useful to develop a list of activities to target where you can focus your time and thinking. You can create a Hit List that you can use to channel your energy. I am using an acronym, where H stands for Hobbies, I is for Interests and T is for Talents.

Wikipedia defines a hobby as something you do on a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one’s leisure time. Interests are things that pique our curiosity, and we want to know more about them. For example, someone may have an interest in automobiles or the study of the galaxies. 

A talent is defined as a natural aptitude and inner quality that emerges effortlessly. Talents can be seen as gifts. Another word that we encounter is a skill, which can affect hobbies interests, and talents. A skill is an acquired ability, learned with effort.

Today in the music vernacular we would talk about a playlist. However, back in the day, a Hit List was a group of our favorite songs.

A good life plan should contain a Hit List. We should identify the areas, which could serve as a stimulus for motivation. They should also help us use our extra time wisely.

Ultimately, we may place interests on a resume to demonstrate expertise in areas related to employment. The Hit List allows us to show future employers the breadth of our accomplishments.

People have acquired jobs based on common interests with their interviewer. The Hit List helps to constructively, use time to build skill and capacity in a new occupation.

The Hit List may be a safety net in the long term. Your Hit List can provide you with peace of mind and skills that you can share with others. It is not coincidental that when people go into business for themselves, they often draw on skills from their Hit List.

The Hit List can help us make connections, network, and grow social skills. My family relocated several times. We insisted that the children develop their hobbies, interests, and talents. For example, each child played an instrument and was engaged in different sports. We knew that these areas would allow them to have conversations and connect with new students.

You may already know your hobbies, interests, and talents. But it is a good exercise to look around you for other areas that may become candidates for your Hit List.

Ask your friends, family members, and peers to describe your interests and talents. Additional hobbies, interests, and talents can be found online.

Here is a list of activities and skills that could be on one’s Hit List.

Copyright © 2021 Orlando Ceaser

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