Leaders: Let them lead

Leadership is a gift entrusted to a large number of people. Most of us have the ability to be out in front in some category. Finding that category or niche is the key. Leadership is also a skill that can be developed through observation and training. It can be an acquired trait that can be inspired in people in proximity to a gifted practitioner, who executes it at a high level. Apprentice moments allow them to observe strategies and techniques used to run large corporations, small community groups and clubs of all kinds.

Leadership can inspire others, but also can elicit feelings of resentment which can lead to obstructionism and a lack of cooperation. Critics may view a leader as unworthy and commit to blocking their effectiveness. They will take issue with the position of power it ascribes to the owner, especially if it is an assignment that has prestige and a lot of responsibility. Additionally, many may shy away from pursuing or exhibiting leadership characteristics because of the perceive animosity that exists toward some leaders.

Leadership Resistors may be rooted in different values, opinions, political ideology or differences real or unreal. They be competitive, aggressive and see their disagreement as a platform which compels them to stonewall compromise or cooperation. Their mission may be to undermine leadership and cause them to fail, by any means necessary. They may want to take credit for the failure or simply to say, “I told you so.” Their passion, if misguided, could lead to harming the larger enterprise, they claim to support. Many organizations could be in a stronger position if the constituents decided to follow the vision, get on the same page and allow the leader to lead.

Leadership is not seen by some as a right that can be afforded to other freedoms. But if we saw it as an inalienable right where everyone had the right to develop, we might improve various situations. I am not saying that despots and tyrants or incompetent people should be retained in power. But in the myriad of circumstances where talented and competent people are in position, allow them to lead. Their success can be beneficial to all parties in the organization.

A person can develop leadership skills. A person can achieve a leadership role. An organization can be enhanced by cultivating the abilities of those who are not in leadership positions. It could be mutually satisfying to eliminate impediments to leadership, by letting them do their jobs and lead. It is difficult for a leader to press forward if the internal opposition threatens to veer them off course.

If we let well intentioned, qualified and competent people perform the roles they have been placed into position to serve, we can create a better environment for positive growth. If we look for ways to assist and let the leaders lead, expert followership etiquette will be a great example for those in leadership development.  The following poem summarizes the statements highlighted in this piece about our leaders and the suggestion to “Let them lead.” 


Let them lead


The votes were cast and he was elected.

She possesses the skills and was selected.

The power brokers may have appointed.

The chosen leaders have been anointed;

However, their positions were achieved,

It is imperative to let them lead.


The survivors left standing persevere;

We may feel they are less than they appear.

We have suspicions, but without misdeeds;

Grant them permission, let the leaders lead.


People say evidence is in their gut;

But their resistance means their mind is shut.

A nonproductive battle that no one needs

Should be dismissed, to let the leaders lead.


If angry hearts are bent on obstruction,

The outcome will stifle all production.

Be prudent, set differences aside;

For a common purpose pride.


If mired in dogma and dire straits;

Waning options reveal the hour is late;

If they present the talent to succeed;

We should step to the side and let them lead.


We talk about goals linked to a vision.

And the difficulty with indecision;

In order for us to wisely proceed,

Provide input and let the leaders lead.


If they were selected or elected,

Appointed or anointed,

However, their position was achieved,

It is imperative to let them lead.


Copyright © 2013 Orlando Ceaser

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