2014 – The year in preview

In the year two, zero, one, four,
You will make progress
And pledge to do more;
Expressing your talent, flexing your core
Beliefs, as you prepare to soar.

Be courageous and push the envelope,
Enter each moment filled with faith and hope;
And question each motive and direction,
Aware of signs of your imperfections.

In the year two zero, one, four,
Please promise to work hard, not an encore
Performance like stages in your past,
When your only goal was not to be last.

You must create the space to volunteer;
Acquire new skills and grow your career.
You have the power and authority,
To make family a priority.

Invest in friendships and relish the time
Spent with companions on the long steep climb;
For no one should attempt to go alone
Into the future, to face the unknown.

In the year two, zero, one, four,
You must work for peace and kindly explore
In relationships and community,
The work of harmony and unity.

In the year two, zero, one, four,
You’ve seen the past and must do more;
No personal blasts or persecution,
As you adhere to your resolutions.

In the year two, zero, one, four,
You must remember the days you swore
To make a difference and to be true
To the Godly purpose inside of you.

Copyright © 2013 Orlando Ceaser

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