The Un-led – Maximizing Leadership Skills to Serve Others


You have seen them walking down the street and associating in corporate corridors, small or large assemblies. Their condition is not necessarily apparent to the naked eye. They looked well adjusted, but you did not know the nature of their affliction. They are the Un-led. They are individuals, members of families, communities and companies. They lack direction and purpose. They unknowingly thirst for leadership and unconsciously need assistance. They are different from the strongly and the poorly led.

The term Un-led may conjure up images of vampires and zombies, but the only correlation I would like to make is their need to be alive, filled with purpose and meaning. The Un-led are falling short of their full potential, high standards and greater expectations. If they unlock and unleash their potential, they could fully embrace and manifest their greatness.

The Un-led are individuals and groups of people who could benefit from a compelling vision; something to believe in that is bigger than themselves; something to connect with passion and perseverance, which is also known as grit. Angela Duckworth explores the concept of grit in her book GRIT, The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

The Un-led may or may not express a desire for your attention. They may choose to be independent and shun instruction from others. Additionally, some may not realize they are lost; they may know something is missing, but cannot identify the nature of the deficiency. They are employees in organizations where some managers are not leaders. They are unmotivated students and children in homes where they do not receive the proper supervision, encouragement, discipline and proper instruction. The Un-led are untapped excellence that could improve some of society’s problems and organization dysfunction, if they are properly led.

People with the gift of leadership should be motivated to seek and find those who would thrive in a positive and nurturing environment. Leaders should see people who could blossom under accountability. The Un-led could use their unique gifts, talents and abilities to fulfill a grander purpose.

Life may inadvertently or intentionally reveal the value of connections, collaboration and wise counsel to enrich the lives of the Un-led. Their eyes may be opened to the possibility of exponential growth which is achieved in communion with others. The Un-led grow with counseling, connection, correction garnered from experience, wisdom and effective leadership. Leadership will enable them to increase their contributions to others and make the world a better place.

We see unharnessed potential, as people who are not fulfilled. There are people on the streets, within families and organizations. They would thrive and strive with proper direction, development and cultivation of skills and abilities. Dedicate yourself to someone or a group of people who do not realize they are stumbling in the dark. Assist them in reaching for the strength necessary to make a stronger impact. We see unharnessed potential as people who are not fulfilled.

The Un-led are waiting for your leadership savvy and expertise to positively influence their lives. They need you to help fulfill their purpose and instill the structure to capitalize on their creativity. You can give them mentoring and coaching to establish the network and connections to pave the way for success. You can move the Un-led to phenomenal followers who will one day become leaders who will pay leadership forward to serve others. Ultimately their contributions will create something better from their existing potential.

This is a commentary on the urge for leaders to step to the forefront, to influence the lives of others and reach their potential to positively impact the world. The Un-led are the people in need of direction and provide a vehicle to exercise your leadership greatness.


The Un-led

They stand disconnected

From a cause larger than themselves,

Detached from a vision,

They do not feel neglected.

Self involved,

They are not receptive

To organized gatherings,

They would rather sing

Alone intentionally

For they have not seen the projections

That their growth will be stunted,

And personal bests blunted,

As energy is shunted

In all directions.


The Unled,

Some wallow in mediocrity

With no one to follow.

They scatter and crow

“Individuality reigns supreme.”

They may wander aimlessly

And not sense the enormity

Of their plight as they remain nameless

And flee conformity;

Some pursuing their dreams

Without orchestrated, alignments

Preferring small cliques or solitary



The Unled,

Will not coalesce to take the hill

They will disperse and the revolution

Will be put on pause;

For they independently

Will not exert the will

To stumble on the solution,



They are the Unled.

They observe the slots at the front of the line

They feel are designated for some brave fools

Who are more conventional.

They stand nonchalant

Or care enough to ridicule

Organized groups

Who believe the team is the answer

And the team makes the rules.


The Unled,

Some will flounder and many will succeed

And others will feel a power surge.

Evolution will demand

That someone should take the lead

And through the chaos

A leader will emerge.

Copyright © 2006 Orlando Ceaser

Reprinted with permission from Leadership Greatness through High Performance Poetry by Orlando Ceaser.  Available at and


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